Chris Ritter

Chris first joined our group on the Cayman Rise Expedition in 2011, just prior to being hired full time by NAVSEA. For the next three years, an informal NAVSEA-NOAA relationship allowed Chris to continue to participate in our design, engineering, and offshore operations. Chris holds a B.S. in Ocean Engineering and a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering from Virginia Tech with a minor in mathematics. Chris plans to take the Professional Engineer exam for Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering in 2017.

Chris has been a major contributor to our design-build process and a tremendous asset to our offshore operations. He is a skilled navigator, pilot, and co-pilot of our vehicles and brings with him a level of enthusiasm that everyone around him appreciates and respects. In late 2014, Chris joined our Mechanical Engineering team full time and he is enthusiastic about training the next generation and tackling new projects. Chris resides in Falls Church, Virginia.