Portable VSAT

GFOE’s newest development is a completely portable, fully stabilized ocean-going satellite communications system. Better known as a VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal), this system allows for the dissemination of video, audio, and other data to be uploaded in near real time from ship to shore via the internet. This capability, called “telepresence,” enables unprecedented virtual access to ROV dives and other activities, and two-way communication between the ship and shore. This allows for an unlimited number of science participants to be engaged in an expedition, thus decreasing the resources required to send multiple people to sea. The public can also experience what it’s like to be part of an oceanographic expedition.

The VSAT also allows for superior connectivity, such as internet services, during ocean-going operations. It can be configured to upload multiple high-definition video with band rates as high as 20 Mbps.

GFOE engineers have designed an innovative solution for efficiently transporting the VSAT system. It can be arranged in a single 20’ ISO container for shipping, and the antenna can then mount to the top of that same container once on board a vessel. Alternatively, if space for containers is limited, the system may be mounted on a 20’ container that is already in place on the vessel.

If you are interested in utilizing this system for your expedition, please contact us at info@tgfoe.org

VSAT on Container

VSAT Assembled
Image: Dan Rogers, GFOE