ROV Yogi

Our Remotely Operated Vehicle Yogi is portable and capable to 1500 meters. Credit: Daniel R. Rogers
ROV Yogi is portable and capable to 1500 meters. Image: Daniel R. Rogers

Yogi was designed, built, and is operated by the Global Foundation for Ocean Exploration specifically to meet the needs of the science and ocean exploration communities.  Its total weight of 1100lbs, relatively small footprint, and significant payload make it an ideal vehicle for a large variety of sensors and sampling equipment.  Yogi is capable of collecting spectacular underwater imagery with its high-definition cameras, it carries a 5-function manipulator, and is rated to dive as deep as 1500m.  The vehicle’s first project was to explore Yellowstone Lake. It was named after the cartoon bear who lived in a fictional version of Yellowstone National Park. Yogi also operated in Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary on an expedition to observe coral spawning.

ROV Yogi being launched for trim tests. Image: Dave Lovalvo

About the Submersible


Remotely operated vehicle


3 feet (0.9 meters) 


3 feet (0.9 meters)


4.5 feet (1.37 meters) 


1,100 pounds (499 kilograms)

Maximum Operating Depth

0.9 miles (1,500 meters) 

Operating Since