Education and Outreach

Education and outreach are two important building blocks that add value to everything we do here at GFOE.  We thrive on training the next generation of ocean explorers, engineers, and filmmakers, and sharing all that we do with the public.

From presentations at area high schools, to streaming live video from the bottom of the sea through the internet to your computer or personal device, GFOE is continuously reaching new audiences and spreading awareness about the importance of our underwater environments.

In Yellowstone National Park, we share our discoveries with the public by presenting to park visitors and staff, offering tours of R/V Annie and Remotely Operated Vehicle Yogi, and setting up an exhibit in one of the Park’s visitor centers.

For about five months each year, we reach a global audience through our work on the NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer through our technical expertise in deep submergence operations, live interactions with the public and school groups, and telling the stories of ocean discovery through stunning videos.

In the National Marine Sanctuaries, we’ll work with our education partners to reach hundreds of thousands of people when we stream our dives in Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary live through the internet.

Watch our home page for announcements on when you can tune in and join us for a dive!